Turn That Music Up,

Turn That Music Up,

Turn That Music Up,

In the La Serena Tejera studio, music plays. Beats and soulful singing are a huge inspiration to my art. At times, it even consoles and bolsters my sagging spirits. So no surprise that this past year, music was often the only thing that kept me not only coming back to my tiny studio, but once there, glued to my chair singing or humming along, while I worked.

In the really dark days of the pandemic when the wailings of ambulance sirens along the streets of my neighborhood were a constant sad reminder of neighbors, friends and family that I might never ever see again, the tin tin tan de Celia Cruz and El Gran Combo, or the soulful singing of my Tejano queen, Selena or the cheesy bittersweet nostalgia of an oldie crying for their “Angel Baby” kept me vowing to keep going.

Musíca, now more than ever is lightening my way back to, not only being creative but feeling just a bit hopeful. 

Here is today’s playlist, El Timbao de Luz or The Rhythm of Light.

Turn the music up. Throw down un chanclaso. And with every shimmy and swivel of your hips, let the sorrows of this week or this past year roll right off you, until you are just like those beautiful Mariposas who finally, por fín, are flying and dreaming once again, 


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