Quick Make Crochet Notions Bag FREE Pattern

Quick Make Crochet Notions Bag FREE Pattern

Quick Make Crochet Notions Bag FREE Pattern

One evening after spending a few frustrating moments trying to locate an errant stitchmarker at the bottom of my huge project bag, I said to myself, "Enough!" I knew I needed to make myself a bag to store all my teeny tiny notions.

So with some yarn I had in my leftover stash, crochet hook and a cute and colorful Piñata button, I got to work. 


Crochet bag with Piñata Button Closure


The following is the crochet pattern I came up with. Major disclosure: I am not a professional pattern designer, so the writing of this pattern is surely not Ravelry worthy.  It's just a quick crochet make I wanted to share with you, because I thought it came out cute and it saved me some precious time searching for that run-a-way Stitchmarker I needed for my knitting. And I thought my fiber friends would appreciate that! 

Plus, what a great project for those Colorful Fiesta inspired Piñata clay buttons, I make and sell in our store!

Crochet Notions Bag Pattern 


"G" Crochet Hook

Cotton Yarn. ( I used Sugar n Cream Lily Cotton Yarn)

Button for the closure. ( I used the colorful and festive clay Piñata Button, in our store.) 


With yarn and hook, Chain 13. 

Row 1: Single Crochet in first chain across and turn. 

Row 2: Chain 1 and Single Crochet across. 

Repeat 2 until piece measures 8 inches in length. 

Next step is for the closure loop. 

Single Crochet across 5 stitches.

Chain 5, skip 1 stitch, slip stitch into next stitch. Single crochet across to end. Fasten off. 

Fold from bottom 3 inches and join side of bag with a single crochet across, fasten off at end. 

Join yearn to other side and Single Crochet down to close and fasten off at end. 

Sew button in place for closure. 

Hope you enjoy this quick pattern and if you do not fancy Piñatas, our store has lots of other Latin flavor buttons for you to choose from. You can browse all the styles available, here




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