Pan Dulce for Your Knit Headband? ¡Claro Que Sí!

Pan Dulce for Your Knit Headband? ¡Claro Que Sí!

Pan Dulce for Your Knit Headband? ¡Claro Que Sí!

The singular sensation that a Pan Dulce or Concha button with hot pink frosting will add to a knit or crochet headband is beyond words. 

Don't take my word for it. See for yourself. We think our handmade of clay Concha button is a perfect addition for any knitting and crochet project that is in need of a button.

It all started with a headband pattern  by Getting Purly with It.  The "Vanessa Headband" can be made in two different sizes and it is an enjoyable and easy to follow knit pattern. My skill level of not quite "beginner" but surely no "expert", has me always looking for patterns that I can easily follow, but of course, are sensational, too. The "Vanessa Headband" by Getting Purly With It, is just it!

The pattern is a great stash buster, too. I used some thick and colorful yarn I had from a previous project and with the large knitting needles that the pattern calls for, the headband was made in just one cozy evening at home. 

The finishing touch for the "Vanessa Headband" I made was a Jumbo Sized Pan Dulce/Concha Clay Button, which you can purchase at the La Serena Tejera Store, here for $9.50.  


These buttons are handmade, sturdy and are ready to ship. Makes a great addition to headband, scarf, handbag, sweater, sewn shirt, blouse, skirt, or pant waistband.

The possibilities are endless for a tasty pink frosted Pan Dulce/Concha Button

- Mona 



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