Loteria de Lana StitchMarket Set : La Luna, La Dama, La Serena


A one of a kind stitchmarker set that features original artwork in the style of La Loteria but with a yarny twist. Each card figures yarn prominently in its art. The set of 3 stitchmarkers has La Luna, a beautifuly flowered pale yellow crescent moon with a ball of yarn; La Dama, impecabbly dressed with her fiber project in one hand and finished afghan in the other and La Serena, with her bustier of yarn and holding up her latest yarn make to the sea heavens. This set is perfect for the avid knitter, crocheter or stitchmarker collector and is sure to wow! 


Each stitchmarker features original artwork by the owner of La Serena Tejera Store, made of acrylic and fitted with your choice of either a knit or crochet finding. Please specify your preference of either knit or crochet in options.

These are not suitable nor were they made to be a toy for children or pets. No returns or exchanges. All sales final. Not responsible for lost, delayed or damaged merchandise due to shipping or mishandling while in the shipping process.

Thank you for supporting our shop and art.