Caritas Lindas Stitch Markers for Knitters and Crocheters (Set of 2)


These caritas lindas / beautiful faces wearing floral crowns are the sweetest smiling companions for any knitting or crochet project. READY TO SHIP!

Each handmade stitchmarker is made of polymer clay and measures less than 1/2 inch and is available as a stitchmarker for either knitting or crochet. Please note in options, your preference. Sold as a set of 2, with one wearing a floral crown of 4 blooms and the other wearing a floral crown of 3 blooms. Eyes and mouth are hand-painted .

Stitchmarkers are not suitable as, nor were they made as a toy for children or pets. Not returnable or excahngeable. All sales final. Not responsible for lost, delayed or damaged merchandise due to shipping or mishandling while in shipping process. We are a very small business and we hope you can understand our return policy. Thank you for supporting our art and shop.. We appreciate you very much!