Mangos con Chilé Stitchmarkers for Knitters and Crocheters


¡Chiquitos pero Picosos! Mango with chili cup stitchmarkers. READY TO SHIP!

Handsculpted mango slices of polymer clay in a tiny plastic cup and measuring 1/2 inch in width and less than 1/2 inch from top to bottom, these stitchmarkers will remind you of that refreshing street food treat, mango chili cups. Of course, our mango cup is not edible, but will make your knitting or crocheting project extra delicious!

Available as either a knit or crochet stitchmarker. Please state your preference in options. Sold as 1 piece. These are not suitable or were they made to be a toy for children or pets. Exchanges or returns not available on items that are, upon delivery or by misuse broken. All sales are final.